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Сборка от Aion Engine Rev .169
Категория: AION » Сборки серверов | Новость от: Fanky | 30-10-2010, 14:33

Сборка от Aion Engine Rev .169

новая команда ушедшая от AL , много новых наработок + геодата

[169] - Fix Inggison Passage - Fix Gelkmaros Passage
[178] - Add Quest 10001 by Dta3000
[179] - Tribe Relation for General Aggros
[179] - clean up some code by sphinx
- major clean up
- moved legion warehouse disabler to NpcController
- refactored changesex and plastic surgery
- refactored onAttack()
disabling using skill and fly while transforming, except Mauform and Abyss skill.
- more info see
removed armfusion stuff from -- will be redone later - sphinx
support for multiple walker files - catdefault
GM-Tag added + Updated admincommands/ - Altrec
SpellAtkDrainInstantEffect -- added log to check - sphinx - sphinx
- add null check on buyBrokerItem()
- fix broker item dupe
fix dupe in split item and warehouse - sphinx
Inggison Gather retail 90% Like (still 2 zones i didnt finish but wont be long for me scan it) - Magenik
adding some missing AI state - sphinx

New Npc_templates with our fix and more info like name - thanks atracer for the parse
New system for walker route sanctum is our main example for futures upgrate
Remove Monsters xml from inggison time we split the new npc one and remove monsters from it (90% of retaill inggison spawn)
removed route and will work on it as soon we fix as much as possible npc template - catdefault + magenik
many npc Height Fix on npc_templates.xml
Fix Dark Poeta: Tahabata Abyss Gate thanks Jandri and some NPCs (commit personna)
Some Portal id fixes
And our final release of Windstream - vyaslav & kaipo & magenik
Majors data fix

+ Little fix about silentera : its not an instance but a real map
+ Fix on udas Exit template
+ Fix on Obelix id for ishalgen

Сказали спасибо: T.h.e.C.o.o.L, Eva, jium, wthorn

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