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Категория: На базе GTA » SA-MP » Скрипты | Новость от: T.h.e.C.o.o.L | 6-02-2011, 21:14


+ Whirlpool Hashed Passwords (Greater security)
+ Account System (Register, Login, Changepass)
+ Save Player Statistics (Deaths+Kills+Weapons+Money+Position+TimeInServer+ Ip+Health+Armour+Score+WantedLevel)
+ Automatically Login!
+ Anti WeaponsHack (Easy to configure forbidden weapons in File)
+ Create Teleport System (Easy Create/Delete/Use new teleports InGame)
+ Lock/Unlock Server (With Dialog)
+ Many Dialogs (Vehicles,Teleports,Weapons,Server Time & Weather, and more...)
+ Anti Forbidden Names,Words and Clan (Easy to Configure in File)
+ InGame RCON Console (With Dialog)
+ Easy to configure more important options (In File and InScript).
+ Register & Login in Dialog! (GUI) (Only MustLogin is enabled)
+ Easy to Enable/Disable script functions InGame (In Dialog or in Command)
+ Anti CaPsLock, Anti Spam, Anti Swear and Anti Bot System
+ All Reports saved in Files.
+ Administration System per Level and Position
+ Save in Log: Cars Spawned, Kicks, Bans, TempBans, Bad Rcon Logins, Teles Createds, PmChat, AdmChat, SetLevel, and more...
+ Level System (SetLevel and SetTempLevel)
+ TempBan System (Ban Player for specified Days)
+ Dueling System
+ Rcon attempts System. (Configure number of attempts)
+ Warn System (Ban after the specified number of warnings)
+ All commands show the function of the command (When no syntax is typed) (Except some commands without necessary (Example: kill,savepos)
+ Highest Administrators is immune from all commands
+ GiveWeapon support the Weapons Names
+ Commands very well organized in levels (/level 1/2/3/4/5) (Ex: /level 4)
+ Administrators can save your skin, for use in other Time
+ Most commands accepts the player's name or the ID
+ Dialogs simple Diasable/Enable in top of your script
+ New Rcon Commands! (For use in Control Panel or InGame)
+ Loads of the configurations and more important Functions
+ Hide/UnHide commands (Hide you from Admins List, and remove 'admin' from your messages. If 'ADM_InMSG' is enabled)
+ Cage System! (Hold player in Cage) (Hight Security)
+ Gps System (City and Meters Distance) Find player meters from you! (In TextDraw and Radar CheckPoint)
+ Professional Spectating System (With TextDraw)
+ Many Lists - Wanteds, Muteds, Miniguns, Richs, Jaileds,...
+ Visible/Invisible System!
+ Anti Advertisements System (Ips, Links, ...) (+Warnings, +Easy to Enable/Disable in 'Config.cfg' file)
+ Only one TextDraw! (For Gps System and Spectating System)
+ When AdminScript is Started, Show All Configurations in Console!
+ Advanced VIP System! (When Account Types: Silver, Gold and Premium) (+Functions)
+ Execute Commands (Run any command! (From FS and your GM) (+Dialog,+Key,+Cmd)
+ Fighting Styles (In Dialog) (+Current Style)
+ Second Rcon System (Two RCON Passwords for more Security!) (Simple disable and config in top of script) (No Bugs!)
+ Safety Question + Response (For case you forgot your password) (+Response in Whirpool Hash - Impossible to hack)
+ VIP Players List, and VIP Players Chat! (*)
+ Duty System - Administrators now can enter in "Duty" or "Playing" Mode!
+ Flying Camera System (CamHack) (Only for Administradors) (Simple to disable in top of script)
+ Announcements System! (+In TextDraw) (+Enable/Disable in Dialog) (+Simple to Config Announces in FS) (+Enable/Diable in 'Config' File!)
+ Admins MultColors in /admins Command! (Only if you change the colors in top of script)
+ Register & Login Commands with Dialog (Even if "MustLogin" and "MustRegister" is disabled)
+ Countdown System - With Seconds and Freeze or Unfreeze players!
+ Private Message (PM) (Simple disable in top of Script)

Level 1: Basic Moderator
Level 2: Moderator
Level 3: Master Moderator
Level 4: Administrator
Level 5: Master Administrator
Rcon: Rcon Administrator


Level 1: Basic Moderator

Player: getinfo, weaps, ping, ip,
Vehicle: fix, repair, addnos, tcar
Tele: saveplacae, gotoplace
Adm: onduty, saveskin, useskin, dontuseskin, setmytime, adminarea
Other: lconfig, viplist, morning, reports, richlist, miniguns

Level 2: Moderator

+ Level 1 commands.
Player: giveweapon, setcolour, burn, spawn, disarm, highlight, jetpack, flip, fu
Player: warn, slap, (un)mute, laston, lspec, lspecoff
Vehicle: acar, abike, aheli, aboat, aplane, lspecvehicle
Tele: goto, vgoto, lgoto
Adm: lmenu, clearchat, write, announce, announce2, screen, (un)lockcar
Other: wanted, jailed, frozen, muted, fstyles

Level 3: Master Moderator

+ Level 1 and 2 commands.
Set: set(health/armour/cash/score/skin/wanted/name/weather/time/world/interior/ping/gravity)
All: setallskin, armourall, setallskin, setallwanted, setallweather, setalltime, setallworld
All: setallscore, setallcash, giveallcash, giveallweapon, clearallchat, healall, disablechat
Player: ubound, duel, akill, aka, caps,(un)freeze, kick, explode,(un)jail, force, eject, (s)removecash
Vehicle: car, carhealth, carcolour, destroycar, vget, givecar
Tele: teleplayer, gethere, get, move, moveplayer
Other: gps, lcam, setpass, lammo, countdown, aweaps, invisible, visible

Level 4: Administrator

+ Level 1,2 and 3 commands.
All: spawnall, muteall, unmuteall, getall, killall, freezeall, unfreezeall
All: kickall, slapalll, explodeall, disarmall, ejectall
Player: cage, ban, rban, tempban, settemplevel, crash
Adm: ctele, lockserver, enable, disable, spam, god, godcar, botcheck, forbidname, forbidword, fakedeath
Other: uconfig, die, hide, unhide

Level 5: Master Administrator

+ Level 1,2,3 and 4 commands.
+ Level 5 is Immune for all commands
Player: setlevel, fakechat, fakedeath, fakecmd
Adm: god, sgod, console
Other: pickup, object, respawncars
Rcon: lrcon (Only Rcon Admins) (Use: /rcon lrcon)


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| Версия для печати | Комментариев: 13
Написал: krim (8 февраля 2011 17:18)


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Прикольно, скачаю!
Написал: Age_Krasava (25 сентября 2011 18:01)


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для чего это
Написал: lexo228 (2 октября 2011 21:19)


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Хрень и описание не русское хоть и по гугл перевести можно но всеже качать не стоит я так думаю
Написал: KakTuzzz (8 января 2012 21:10)


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и не стыдно 100 кб на депозит заливать?
Написал: GooDoo (11 января 2012 10:14)


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Не очень (( вще ббредятена *(
Написал: nyashka (9 марта 2012 17:25)


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мдэ, не нужная штука мне так кажеться :(
Написал: Daur7 (10 апреля 2012 15:29)


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Не скачивайте!! неочень тока время потратите
Написал: djjamson (25 июня 2012 17:13)


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Тупой скрипт все по аглийски!!! Команды потчи все не знакомые!!!
Написал: erl (14 июля 2012 11:46)


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Тупой скрипт все по аглийски!!! Команды потчи все не знакомые!!!

Если он английский, то переведи на русский.Команды незнакомые - измени под себя.
Написал: Dima2000_27 (23 октября 2012 07:02)


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Всё ок ylove
Написал: Serega11111 (15 января 2013 15:01)


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ребята залейте на ргхост там проще скачивать я вас прошу
Написал: hillko (4 ноября 2013 00:17)


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Нахер не пошли бы вы все, норм админка, юзаю и знаю, как сам администратор, я ее у себя переводил и дополнял ее, и кроме ее не что не юзаю! кул админка
Написал: Attom Gitler (30 апреля 2014 00:28)


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классно потом скачаю
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